Historical facts about pineapple lumps

pineapple lumpsThere are still so many unknown facts about pineapple lumps. Pineapple lumps are New Zealand’s sweet confection made of the heavenly combinations of marshmallows, chocolates, and of course, the exotic pineapple fruits. It tastes sweet and amazing, and ever since its creation, it has gone a long way to become one of Kiwi’s favourite candies. However, no one ever imagined how big it can become, not even the creator himself, Charles Richard Diver. Are you interested in knowing a historical bits of facts about the tasty pineapple lumps creations? Read more to find out about it in this article!

Behind The Creation of Pineapple Lumps

The brilliant idea of Pineapple Lumps came from the mind of Charles Richard Diver, an Oamaru man who was really modest and rarely complained, according to his daughter Nancy Bell. He was born in 1910 in Oamaru, but he was raised at Enfield instead of his birthplace. The chewy, oblong-shaped, pineapple-flavoured confection covered in tasty chocolate dip was invented by him in 1952.

Pineapple Lumps was known initially as Pineapple Chunks, and they are part of the Kiwi Culture, with Oamaru being the place where it all started, as their creator has born there. Diver’s cooking career started for a threshing mill, and he had travelled across the country looking around for a job. His early career change as a baker started after he moved to the South Hill of Oamaru, working as weeds thrasher in Awamoa Park. However, it was not enough as his family has five children to raise so he decided to look for work again and found one at Alliance Textiles before he managed to buy a dairy located at the shopping centre of South Hill. Diver then became employed at Regina Confectionary as the manager for starch production. Thanks to his job, he brought many rejected leftover of marshmallows home, where his children will enjoy eating them. Diver really loved his job until he managed to earn a position as a chef for the confection productions, where he get the chance to create something out of the marshmallow leftovers.

How Pineapple Lumps Came into Being

The idea behind it was first born because pineapple-flavoured marshmallows has always been the one got left over at the end of every productions. This is when Diver get the idea of creating a flat, small, chocolate-covered pineapple-flavoured marshmallows. However, this brilliant idea was not paid off even up until Diver’s death in 1994. The Pineapple Chunks managed to gain some popularity, changed the name into The Pineapple Lumps and became even more renowned up until today. Hope these facts about pineapple lumps useful and interesting!***

Image source: Nick White / Wikimedia.org


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