Ryanair extra baggage cost, how to avoid them

If you are studying in Europe, you definitely have the desire to travel around and utilise your Schengen visa. Many beautiful tourist destinations can be visited, such as in Italy, Spain, Germany, and Portugal. But there is one problem usually experienced by someone who wants to travel: the flights can be so pricey, especially for students who do not have that budget.

Overcoming this problem, you can still travel by relying on cheap flights. All you need to do is understand the procedures provided by this flight, like Ryanair. I travelled from Milan to Frankfurt for only around 20s Euros by Ryanair. Although this airline is often complained about because it is considered to hide some costs.

Hidden costs can be anticipated by understanding how the airline works. Behind the low price, of course, there is a low production cost, so it is necessary to know why the services provided by this airline are very minimal.

1. Airfare does not include food

Be prepared not to eat and drink anything during the trip unless you want to incur additional costs. You need to pay more to buy food that can usually be ordered before departure via the Ryanair app. Consuming food and drinks is usually not too urgent on a short-haul flight that only takes two or three hours. You can also still bring your own food onto the plane while still paying attention to the provisions on the types of items that can be brought on board.

2. Passengers must check in themselves online

On several review websites or blogs that I read, some people complained that they had to pay 55 Euros for services to check in at the airport. This is considered a cost that was deliberately hidden by the airline. Moreover, this fee is more expensive than the ticket price itself, so some passengers feel cheated. 

Actually, suppose the passenger reads the provisions carefully. In that case, each passenger must do their own check-in online through the website or application. This means the airline does not provide check-in services. 

It should also be noted that labour costs in Europe are high compared to globally. One way to reduce the price of airline tickets is to not provide services so that airlines do not have to pay employee wages to serve in the matter.

Not only check-in, but the airline also provides its own baggage drop service, which must be done at least 40 minutes before departure. Some machines can be used to print luggage tags. The airline baggage clerk at the airport usually only serves as an information provider or assists passengers but is not in the capacity to fully function.

3. Ticket price does not include baggage

The items that passengers can carry onboard are strictly limited to a small bag that can be tucked under the aircraft seat. The rest, such as if a passenger wants to bring a suitcase on board with a maximum capacity of 10 kg or intends to bring checked-in baggage, he must pay the price for it. There are some experiences of passengers paying up to 69 euros for carrying more than one bag when passing through boarding. So pay close attention to the airline's policy regarding the provisions of bringing baggage on board.

As long as the passenger performs the above steps correctly, there is nothing to worry about hidden fees. Apart from paying attention to this, there are other things you can do to make your trip with Ryan Air easier.

1. Use the Ryanair app

The Ryanair app could be used as a platform to buy airline tickets and organize the trip. It can also remind the time and what needs to be done to safely get to the plane. This application even reminds passengers to arrive early at the airport so that meetings anticipate delays due to long queues at airport security checks. The application also informs passengers on travel provisions based on government regulations in departure and destination countries. Passengers can also upload the required documents into this application to make it easier to access when needed. The Covid-19 pandemic creates many travel restrictions, so more documents are required to travel. Preparations need to be made before starting a trip by plane.

2. Know the exact airport of departure

If you are in a foreign country, sometimes you do not know the exact locations that lead to the wrong departure airport. Some cities may have two airports with similar names. For instance: Milan Bergamo and Milan Malpensa or Frankfurt Hahn and Frankfurt Flufhagen. 

The distance between Milan Bergamo airport and Milan Malpensa airport is about one hour by bus. The distance between Frankfurt Hahn and Frankfurt Flufhagen is about two hours by bus. Passengers could come to the wrong airport, so there is a possibility of missing the plane.

Some foreign experiences confirm this unluckiness. Coming to the wrong airport becomes a problem when the distance from the wrong airport to the right airport is far away. Public transportation is available, but the departure schedule is not suitable. Taking a taxi can be very expensive for students' pockets. It can even exceed the price of a plane ticket.

3. Make a flight reservation in advance, when it is still cheap

Generally, booking tickets far in advance is a must to get a cheap price. Flight tickets can be ordered through the Ryanair website or application. One of the advantages of ordering on the Ryanair app is that customers can change their bookings. For example, suppose there is a human error on the day of departure or a mistake in booking the arrival airport. In that case, you can change your booking at no additional cost, if the new ticket price is the same or cheaper than the previous ticket price.

If you book a plane ticket a day or two in advance, I'm sure you will get a quite expensive ticket. This is due to the availability of fewer seats than consumer demand. The law of supply and demand applies.

4. Learn about the connection of transportation

To reach the departure airport, you may need public transportation such as buses, trains, trams, etc. Also, when you arrive at the airport, you may need public transportation to leave the airport and go to your destination.

In this case, you need to learn transport connections. Sometimes, you need to order all of these connections in advance to get a lower price.

5. Packing goods efficiently

If you only buy the cheapest ticket, you can only bring one small bag (40cm x 20cm x 25cm). Therefore, you need to pack your things in your bag wisely. This bag can be used to carry a laptop and some clothes. Large clothes such as jackets can be worn.

So, that's some information you might need to make sure your trip with Ryanair is cheap for your pocket.