Ryanair extra baggage cost, how to avoid them

If you are studying in Europe, you definitely have the desire to travel around and utilise your Schengen visa. Many beautiful tourist destinations can be visited, such as in Italy, Spain, Germany, and Portugal. But there is one problem usually experienced by someone who wants to travel: the flights can be so pricey, especially for students who do not have that budget. Overcoming this problem, you can still travel by relying on cheap flights. All you need to do is understand the procedures provided by this flight, like Ryanair. I travelled from Milan to Frankfurt for only around 20s Euros by Ryanair. Although this airline is often complained about because it is considered to hide some costs. Hidden costs can be anticipated by understanding how the airline works. Behind the low price, of course, there is a low production cost, so it is necessary to know why the services provided by this airline are very minimal. 1. Airfare does not include food Be prepared not to eat and drink anything d

What is platform capitalism? Summary, definition and examples from Srnicek

Capitalism tends to be restructured and improved in new ways for capital accumulation. Platform capitalism is one form of this reform that started with the explosion of internet-based companies in the 90s. The rise of technology provides the possibility to carry out automation. It is proclaimed as a new era under various names, from the 'paradigm shift' and '4th industrial revolution', to align this change with the age of enlightenment 'Renaissance', which is ridiculous. Advances in communication technology allow humans to concentrate an unlimited amount of information. This method is considered a form of democratisation of information and knowledge. However, it does not mean that public is the collective owner of the information. Although it seems we are in an area that allows us to access a wide range of information and get ahead with it. What is often forgotten is access is still under the terms of conditions of ownership of capitalism and an invisible trade-